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Project Description

Scruffy Dog was approached by three Atlanta organizations, each providing varying services for mature adults in the Atlanta area. They wanted to create a collaborative website to assist their audiences in finding the services that the organizations provide so that people didn’t have to search through three different websites to find what they need. They asked Scruffy Dog to really drive the project as a neutral party so that no one organization had more input than another. We researched several different ways of organizing the service information and finally decided to use the Business Directory plugin because if offered all of the necessary features and it was easy to style to fit in with the look of the website. They also needed a way to feature in one place the various events they each offer. Again, we researched several event management tools and settled on MyEventOn.

Working with an amazing designer from GraphikNation we worked with the clients to create an engaging site that speaks to their three primary audiences – Mature Adults, Family Members and Caregivers. The services are organized in a way that they can be searched by audience or by need, such as Counseling, Recreation & Education, Residential Care and Care Services.

The home page allows visitors to quickly identify themselves to easily find information most relevant to them, but also allows visitors to search for information by browsing through listings. Events are listed throughout the site. We also included quick links to allow visitors to print out or share the information with others, as well as functionality to easily change the font size on the site.

AgeWell Atlanta is a partnership of three Jewish organizations in Atlanta, GA.

Project Details

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Key Plugins & Integrations

  • Business Directory Plugin for service listings
  • Explanatory Dictionary Plugin for integrated glossary
  • MyEventOn Plugin for event listings and management